DIY Photo Organising Podcast

In our Podcast, DIY Photo Organising, we talk about everything and anything to do with your photos. We began the podcast in 2018 after seeing a need, around the world, to help educate, inspire and motivate people to keep their photos safe…and organised. 

We understand that technology changes, and, we all just keep taking more photos (which is a wonderful thing!). The problem is that people get overwhelmed, quickly, and those precious photos and memories can become a burden and source of stress. We are here to help you feel confident again with your photos. 

5 Golden Rules of Photo Organising

We believe if you have an organised system, and update it regularly, you can feel confident that you will be able to find any photo, at any time, with the click of a button. Think about your own photos, old or new, and chose an episode that relates to your current need. 

With a little knowledge and attention, you can begin and complete any photo project you wish. Click on our Welcome episode or one of the 5 Golden Rules below to listen and learn more now. Alternatively, search or scroll through all of our episodes below.


101 | Design Photo Books like a Pro

Back to all episodes Episode 101 Design Photo Books like a Pro – with Libby from Momento Meet Libby from Momento in Sydney and discover how this Australian photo book

095 | What to do with negatives

When organising our photos, we inevitably encounter a packet of negatives. So, what do we do with them? Keep them or throw them out?

088 | Expert tips on photo archiving

Expert tips to safely archive your printed photos, slides, negatives, photo albums, scrapbooks, framed photos, artwork, certificates, and other memorabilia.

082 | Planning Photo Projects

This episode is a practical one all about Planning! We give you ideas on photo projects you could plan to create, and a 4 Step Strategy to use to create them!

081 | Happy New Year

Need help with your photos in 2022? Subscribe to New Podcast releases in 2022 for the DIY Photo Organising Podcast.

077 | Why bother preserving your photos?

Why bother preserving your photos? We understand it can be an involved, time intensive, often times emotional and potentially expensive project to take on organising and preserving a family photo collection.

So…why bother?

When considering the task of organising and preserving photos…”Why bother going to the effort to preserve these memories?”

076 | What to do with slides

Have you got slides somewhere in the depth of a dark cupboard? Now is the time to take them out and bring the memories back to life!

068 | Pet Photos

Pets are like a family member and much loved. That means you have probably tons of pet photos – find out what you can do with them!

064 | Prepare for Emotions!

Looking at photos can trigger a lot of different emotions, not all of them being happy ones. Here is what you can do to prepare for emotions.

063 | The Magic of Maintenance

Maintenance is key to success in photo organising! Find out how a good maintenance process can help you keep your photo collection organised.

057 | Story Jotting with Katie

Photos are only one part of telling a story. Learn from expert Katie how to jot down those important stories that go with the photos.

056 | 2021 Trends in Photography

In 2020, 1.4 trillion photos were taken! Some of these are probably yours. Find out the latest trends in photography before you take more!

051 | Artwork

What to do with the children’s artwork? Most of us cannot display it all. One option is to declutter and digitize at least some of it.

030 | Backing up without iTunes

Keep backing up your iPhone without iTunes! Here are some options you can implement to back up your phone to a computer without iTunes.

013 | Scan or Not to Scan

Are you wondering whether you should scan your printed photos? Maybe even slides and negatives? Find out what criteria will help you decide.

012 | Fabulous Photo Gift Ideas

Photo gifts are one of the most popular options when you want to bring joy into someone’s life. Here are some fabulous ideas for you.


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