Realistic time frames when photo organising

Episode 070
Realistic time frames in photo organising

So, let’s get serious for a moment. How long does it really take to organise your photos? Really. Start to finish, how long?
In this episode we break it down for you, using our tried and true 5 Golden Rules.
We walk you through each of the steps in organising your photos and, using our own experiences, provide you with some realistic time frames for each of the 5 Golden Rules.
Yes, the task of organising your photos can be overwhelming, we get it; but, in this episode we break things down into bite size pieces for you!
Also, we invite you to have a look through our DIY Photo Organising Courses so you can decide which of these courses might be what you need to help you move forward with your photo organising projects.
DIY Photo Organising Courses
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