Photo project ideas and a real life example

Episode 104
Photo project ideas and a real life example



Before we start with the actual topic of this episode, Chantal would like to ask you for a favour. She is planning to offer short online classes in the future. She’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to fill in this survey for her so she can find out what you are most interested in.

Now, on to our today’s topic:

Chantal just came back from Switzerland where she helped celebrate her mum’s 80th birthday. Of course, that involved some photo gifts.

Hence, today she can share with us what she created and how she went about it. It’s a real life case study, so to speak.

We are talking about four projects she did:

  • A printed A3 photo book of mum’s life
  • A Nixplay (digital photo frame) playlist with photos used in book, displayed during the celebrations
  • Peg line with fairy lights to decorate the room on the day of the celebration with printed photos of mum
  • A memory scrapbook using photos taken and printed on the day of the celebration with messages from visitors and guests

Chantal not only describes what the projects were but also how she tackled each of the projects. We discuss the process, the design steps including what the struggles and what the easy parts were.

There will also be one or two blog posts about that topic over at Photos In Order’s blog page.


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