5 Tips for sorting printed photos

Episode 089
5 Tips for Sorting Printed Photos

Even though we have talked about printed photos in past episodes, a recent question from a listener prompted us to highlight our five most helpful and practical tips to remember when starting to sort printed photos.

We know we live in a digital world these days, but that was not always the case.

If you are ready to start sorting your printed photos we encourage you to have a listen to this podcast episode as we share how we tackle sorting printed photos. 

Here is a sneak peek…

  1. Sort by the back of the photos
  2. Bundle your photos safely
  3. Label safely
  4. Identify special photos
  5. Don’t overthink it!

We send you this email today filled with encouragement to you with the hope you may take a few steps forward in your own photo organising journey while we take a little break. 

Chantal will be travelling to Europe with her family, and Fiona will be travelling to the US with her family. WooHoo!

We will be back with a new episode for you in July!

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