Golden Rule 4 - Sort and Organise Digital Photos

Episode 005
Golden Rule 4 Sort and Organise - Part 1 - Digital Photos

How can we easily sort and organise our digital photos so we can later easily find them? Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they answer this and other important questions.
Once we have gathered all photos it is time to sort and organise them. Before starting to move any photos though, we’ll run a backup and create a copy of the ‘mess’. 
In this episode, you receive a little gift: we have created an empty folder structure which you can download and use however you want to. But before you start moving photos into your new structure, you will de-duplicate (check out our links for software that help you do the job). This step is followed by a good declutter and by highlighting your favourite photos! Only then will you start moving your photos into the structure you chose.
Our gift to you: various empty folder structures to download from here.
De-duplication software (no affiliation):
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