2021 Trends in Photography

Episode 056
2021 Trends in Photography

This episode is for those of you who love some good facts and figures and is keen to learn what is trending in the photography world as we move into 2021! Join Chantal Imbach and Fiona Staff as they chat about trends, provide encouragement and help you to organise all of your new photos you may have taken this year.
If you helped contribute to the estimated 1.4 trillion photos taken in 2020, did you get some good ones? Chantal mentioned a great book called Smart Phone Smart Photography by Jo Bradford, about simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone and Android.
Link to book (no affiliate):
If you also found yourself taking more videos this year, you are not alone. This is a trend that is here to stay. Fiona mentioned a Chaos to Memories course by Adam Pratt that provides a practical guide to fixing common date and time problems in both photos and videos. Find the course here
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