Expert tips on photo archiving

Episode 088
Expert tips on photo archiving (with guest Kate Jacus)

Memories can be found in printed photos, slides, negatives, photo albums, photo scrapbooks, framed photos, artwork, certificates, and other memorabilia.
Knowing how to safely archive these items will help keep them preserved for future generations.
Kate Jacus is our very special guest on the podcast episode today. Kate has over 13 years of experience archiving many precious items, including numerous collections at two Smithsonian museums.
Today Kate brings us her practical tips and advice about how we can protect our collections at home.
Also, in an effort to add more photos to our own photo collections 😃 …Chantal will be travelling to Europe with her family, and Fiona will be travelling to the US with her family. We send you this email today filled with encouragement to you with the hope you may take a few steps forward in your own photo organising journey while we take a little break. We look forward to recording new episodes and releasing another one for you in July.
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Connect with guest Kate Jacus from The Photo Curator
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