Pet Photos

Episode 068
Pet Photos

You may have heard of Fiona’s family pet before, their adorable Japanese Spitz, Pounder. He has been known to have his say in the background of one or two podcast episodes. Oh yes, the joys of family pets! Well, in this episode, all about photos of our precious pets, Pounder makes sure to have his say too!
Pets play an enormous part in many people’s lives and remembering these big, small, furry or slimy loved ones through our photos is priceless.
In this episode we look at how to find your pet photos, tag your pet photos and just as importantly, create something special and unique with your pet photos.
Join us for a bit of fun in this episode about our beloved pet photos!
Also, we invite you to have a look through our DIY Photo Organising Courses so you can decide which of these courses might be what you need to help you move forward with your photo organising projects.
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