Golden Rule 1 - Backup

Episode 002
Golden Rule 1 Backup

“What is essential to backup?” “How should I backup properly?” Learn the answers to these questions, and more, to keep your photos safe. Join Chantal and Fiona to find out.
In this episode, Chantal and Fiona explain and teach the first Golden Rule, Backup!
We explain what we mean when we say “backup” and the difference between syncing and backing up, because they are different!
In this episode we outline the industry best practices around this topic and we give you your first practical step to take in your own DIY Photo Organising project. It is the 3, 2, 1 backup principle.
We also give you a personal look into what we each use for backing up.
One of the cloud backups we both use is by (no affiliation).
More information about how to set up automatic backups on your
Mac Computer (Time Machine):
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