Who are we?

Episode 050
Who are we? Get to know us to Celebrate Our 50th Episode

You may already know this about us, but just in case you don’t we thought it was a good time to record a little about who we are…the people behind the advice…a snapshot into the lives of Photo Managers Chantal and Fiona. Who are we? Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they share a little about themselves, and their photos.
In celebration of our 50th episode, we thought we would share a little about ourselves;
  • Where did we grow up?
  • Sharing a memory of our childhood
  • Are we organised in other areas of our life?
  • What role do photos have in our life?
  • Which of the 5 Golden Rules is our favourite?
  • Which scares us the most?
  • What is our most favourite photo in our respective photo collections?
  • How long would it take us to find that photo?
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