FOREVER online photo storage

Episode 041
Managing your photos and videos using FOREVER - with Shelley Murray

Is there an option to buy permanent online storage for photos and videos? Is there a way to easily share my family photos and videos online? Join Fiona Staff, Chantal Imbach and special guest Shelley Murray from Photo Organizing Services, as they discover some new ways to answer these questions.
Shelley Murray comes from a family of memory keepers and in this episode Shelley shares the story of her first photo memories, gathered around the family slide projector!
In this episode we explore a company called FOREVER and discuss how they look at photo and video management in a very different way to other options we have talked about in other episodes.
Shelley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to permanent online photo management and she offers listeners an opportunity to learn how to manage their own photos through FOREVER.
Thank you for joining us as we explore another option for you to organise your own personal photo collection.
Links discussed in this episode:
10 Step Guide to DIY Photo Organizing by Shelley Murray
Linked In:
The Photo Managers:
FREE 2 GB FOREVER STORAGE Account & Training with Shelley:
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