Reflections on photo loss through natural disaster

Episode 048
Reflections on Photo Loss through a Natural Disaster with Karen Ostenried

Do you have an Action Plan in place to protect your precious photos in the event of a natural disaster? Have you, or a loved one, ever experienced a natural disaster first hand? Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they chat with author, speaker and media communicator Karen Ostenried about her experiences and reflections through a natural disaster.
In this Episode we are grateful to chat with Karen Ostenried, a survivor of the 2009 Australian Black Saturday bushfires. The Black Saturday bushfires were a series of bushfires that burned across the Australian state of Victoria on and around Saturday 7 February 2009. They were among Australia’s all-time worst bushfire disasters with 173 people losing their life and 2,029 houses destroyed.
Karen talks openly about the devastation of losing her home, her beloved horses and all of her precious photos. Karen recently appeared on The Project (an Australian news-current affairs television program) and shared her advice and lessons learned on her journey to recovery.
In this episode Karen readily shares what she does differently today, when it comes to backing up and managing her photos, since the bushfires. Listen in as Karen gives us some extremely practical advice relating to capturing photos of your treasured hobbies and passions in life.
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