Why hire a Professional Photographer with Lauren Sandford

Episode 043
When and Why hire a Professional Photographer - with Lauren Sandford

What should I consider when deciding on hiring a professional photographer? When should I hire a professional photographer? Is the quality that much different from the photos I take with my phone? Join Fiona Staff, Chantal Imbach and special guest Lauren Sandford from The Eternal Second Photography, as they answer these questions, and more.
In this episode Lauren shares a very unique story about how she ended up buying her first camera. A hilarious story, well worth listening to. We talk with Lauren about a range of topics around photography including:
What might people be able to expect from a session with a professional photographer?
What should I look for in choosing a photographer?
What emotions are expressed when people first see their photos?
Lauren has some fabulous advice on what to consider when choosing a photographer to fit with your family or needs:
* View their work to see their personal style
* Get to know the photographer
* Talk to them first, not just communicate over email
Links to find Lauren:
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