A listener's photo journey

Episode 075
A listener's photo journey with Lisa Johnston

What a treat! We have had the privilege of interviewing one of our gorgeous podcast listeners…and now we get to share our chat with you!
We are thrilled to introduce you to Lisa Johnston.
Lisa is passionate about many things, including family history, documenting significant events, and the passing on of stories and memories to keep them alive. She is a wife to Aaran, and Mum to 18 month old Isobel. She loves to travel, and explore new places, languages and cultures. She is a midwife and Registered Nurse, loves creating things in the kitchen, and is trying to achieve that goal of organising her family photos.
We invite you to listen into our conversation as we chat about the journey Lisa has been on with taking on the challenge of organising the family photos.
What started out as a goal to find some baby photos of her husband Aaran (to see the resemblance of their daughter Isobel) has turned into a much larger photo organising project!
Thank you Lisa for sharing your photo journey with us, and for inspiring others to keep going, or to take the first step!
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