Episode 092
Declutter Your Photo Life - with Adam Pratt


We are excited to share this episode with you. Adam Pratt, founder of Chaos to Memories, is one of our most popular guests on the DIY Photo Organising Podcast! Adam has just released a new book called ‘Declutter Your Photo Life’, written to help you turn your photo chaos into precious memories to be enjoyed and shared!

This book is a remarkable resource for anyone needing a straightforward step-by-step workflow to help them organise and enjoy their photos again! Interviewing Adam in this podcast episode allowed us to learn who the book is designed to help, why he wrote it, and what you might expect to find in the book. 

Adam has also kindly provided us with a discount code to receive 40% off if you purchase directly from the publisher.

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Further information regarding the book ‘Declutter Your Photo Life’ by Adam Pratt

Now more than ever, we hold our photo collections dear. They are often some of our most prized possessions. Wouldn’t it be great to finally have all your photos organized, safe, accessible, findable, and shareable? With Declutter Your Photo Life by your side, you have just what you need to achieve photo bliss.

Photographers and family historians understand the immense power that photographs have to convey meaning, emotion, and memory. We cherish both old film photos that were handed down by previous generations and our latest digital photos captured on the newest smartphone. But when those priceless memories are unorganized and scattered every which way—on a smartphone, on a laptop, on memory cards and flash drives, on two or three photo sharing websites, in photo albums, and in shoeboxes in the attic—the joy of photography becomes an overwhelming burden. What a mess!

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a casual shooter, or the designated family historian, Declutter Your Photo Life will help you organize and enjoy your photos once again. In this book, professional photo organizer, photographer, and author Adam Pratt teaches you his straightforward step-by-step workflow that, along with powerful image-organizing software such as Adobe Lightroom Classic, will have you taking complete control and creating a calming order out of your photo chaos. And once you’ve mastered Adam’s system—Gather, Preserve, Organize, Share, Maintain—you’ll be able to enjoy and share your photos today and for generations to come.


Chapter 1: Overwhelmed by Photos

Chapter 2: Workflow Overview

Chapter 3: Software and Hardware


Chapter 4: Gathering Digital Photos

Chapter 5: Deduplicating Photos

Chapter 6: Creating Your Photo Archive

Chapter 7: Gathering Physical Photos


Chapter 8: Preserving Photos

Chapter 9: Converting Digital Formats

Chapter 10: Scanning Physical Photos


Chapter 11: Curating Photos

Chapter 12: Organizing Photos

Chapter 13: Dating Photos


Chapter 14: Sharing Photos

Chapter 15: Accessing Your Photo Archive


Chapter 16: Maintaining Your Photo Archive



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