Photos and Separation with Darla DeMorrow

Episode 022
Handling Photos through a Separation - with guest Darla DeMorrow

Have you ever wondered what your options are when it comes to your photos during a separation? When emotions run high it can be difficult to think of everything to go through, and photos are sometimes an afterthought. Join Fiona Staff, Chantal Imbach and Darla DeMorrow as they talk about the sensitive topic of handling photos through a separation.
In this episode we are thrilled to introduce our guest, Darla DeMorrow from Heartwork Organizing in the US. We called upon Darla to talk with us today due to her breadth of knowledge and experience in this area.
Darla suggests we look at this topic through 4 lenses:
  • Legal
  • Moral
  • Emotional
  • Legacy/Genealogy
To learn more about the work that Darla offers her clients, and some wonderful resources she has available, please head over to any of the following links:
Darla’s Website:
Books (links to Amazon and other ways to purchase)
  • Organising Your Home with Sort and Succeed
  • Organizing Your Kitchen with Sort and Succeed
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