Work Photos

Episode 028
What to do with your Work Photos

Do you take photos for work? Do you have social media photos for your business all mixed in with personal photos? Are you unsure of how to manage your work photos? Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they help you manage your work related photos.
In this Episode we talk about your work photos. We chat about when people take photos for work and how they end up scattered throughout your personal photo collection. Then what? Should they be separated out, or kept all together?
Listen along to find out some helpful questions to ask yourself to get your work photos under control. Learn about some software options and even a course you could take to help you manage your work related photos.
Links discussed in this Episode:
  • Course: Organizing Photos with Adobe Lightroom Classic, presented by Adam Pratt (Since the recording of this episode, we have become an affiliate of Adam’s courses and we earn a small commission should you decide to buy one of his course. Find out more about the courses we are offering through our partners here.)

  • Software (no affiliation): Adobe Lightroom Classic
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