Golden Rule 5 - Do something!

Episode 007
Golden Rule 5 Do Something!

So you need to get your photos organised and your biggest question is “Where do I start?” Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they answer this and other important questions.
In this Episode we give you a brief summary of the previous Golden Rules and then we jump straight into the most pressing question we find people asking, “Where do I start?”. Our answer is simple and yet often the sticking point for people, “Please just DO SOMETHING!”
Here is a little snap shot of some ideas we give about taking your very first steps in your DIY Photo Organising process.
  • Back up phone photos
  • Create a plan (with a tea/coffee/glass of wine)
  • Schedule appointments with yourself for your photo project
  • Think about your first step
  • Delete some photos while waiting somewhere
  • Gather your devices as you go
  • Re-listen our DIY Photo Organising Podcast
  • Check out external drives when you come across them
  • Get a lovely notebook / logbook
  • Have a chat to other family members who’d be interested / sharing the load / cost
  • Do one project, eg a slideshow / not the whole big project
  • Talk to people and gather a couple of stories
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