Episode 098
A new perspective on Photo Organising - with Amy Revell

We are both so grateful for the opportunity to bring you our podcast this month. Amy Revell has many notable achievements in the Professional Organising space including an Award Winning Podcast (The Art of Decluttering) with over 3.5 million downloads, appearances on numerous TV shows, articles in loads of magazines and newspapers, a successful book titled ‘Simply Organised’, and… is an all-round-awesome-human!

Amy and her team at The Art of Declutter apply simple yet effective strategies for decluttering and organising that effortlessly cross over into the area of photo organising.

This podcast episode touches on those practical steps, it carries the heart of Amy’s wisdom of organising, and her love for seeing people set free from their clutter to “pursue the things that truly bring them joy”.

Amy’s tee-shirt-worthy-comments at the end of the episode are definitely worth waiting for!

…sneak peak….

It is not about the stuff

It is never about the stuff

We need stuff

We use stuff

But you are not your stuff


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