Removing duplicate photos from your photo collection

Episode 085
Removing duplicate photos from your photo collection

We all have them in our collection: duplicate photos (and videos)! Learn what programs can help you find and remove those duplicate photos from your collection.
We are talking about programs for Macs and Windows and there is also one that runs on both operating systems (no affiliation):
These little helpers are worth every cent, it will save you a considerable amount of time cleaning up your gathered photo mess. We recommend you try them for free before you make a decision.
Know that deduplicating a gathered photo mess is often one of the most time consuming steps in the whole process. The programs mentioned will find duplicates and even similar photos for you but you still have to then decide which copy you want to keep and which one/s you want to delete. It is not fully automated and you will be in control of this decluttering process.
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