Episode 108 - How to make a photo gallery wall in your home

Episode 108
How to make a photo gallery wall in your home - with Haleh Shoa

This episode has to do with our Golden Rule 5 – Do something! What we mean is find means to bring your photos back into your life so you can enjoy them.

One beautiful way of doing so is creating a photo wall or a photo gallery in your home. We are excited to have our colleague and expert Haleh Shoa from Picturli back for this episode!

She not only shares some practical tips but actually shows us how she designs a photo wall using Canva. Hence, we strongly encourage you to watch this episode rather than listen. If you prefer to listen, click here to see the screenshots of the visuals she shared with us.

You don’t necessarily need Canva to design your photo wall, Haleh also shares some simple tips about how to tackle it without digital help.

We talk about

  • where in the home a photo wall can be,
  • what we can display – hint: not just photos!
  • pros and cons of using frames and what substrates photos can be printed on,
  • how to arrange the pictures and memorabilia
  • designing a picture wall with and without Canva

Again, please watch it here (and subscribe to the channel, we might add more videos in the future) and share with anybody who might be interested – thanks!

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