How Mylio changes the way the world remembers

Episode 105
How Mylio changes the way the world remembers - with David Vaskevitch


We are excited and honoured to welcome David Vaskevitch from Mylio Photos* today.

Tune in to find out why he thinks of Mylio Photos not only as his second heart but also his second brain. He shares some of his personal stories that wonderfully show how a good photo management program can help us keep memories alive and also have fun with our photos.

We learn about various features Mylio Photos offers, such as:

  • importing photos, videos and documents from various sources
  • the event feature, which he calls the ‘Life Calendar
  • the easy implementation of the 3-2-1 backup method we always promote (find out more in episode #002)
  • the fact that Mylio Photos works across all platforms. It doesn’t matter, whether you use an iPhone, an Android phone, a PC or a Mac. It simply works for every device.
  • the new deduplication and decluttering feature and
  • the shared albums option.

There are many more things to learn about Mylio Photos and as David said: “learning Mylio is a journey and you can start small. He encourages us all to not shy away from it because it might look overwhelming at first glance. In his words: “if you learned to drive a car, you can easily learn Mylio!”

We encourage you to have a look at this program, especially if you don’t use another one yet and are looking for a solution to store and manage your memories. Check it out here*. You can start with the free plan before making any decisions.

Mylio Photos also has a great support team that can help you if you have questions or find lots of tutorials over at their YouTube channel.

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* Yes, we are an affiliate but not because of the few $ we might eventually get, but because we’ve been using Mylio Photos for years and truly believe it’s a great photo management program.

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