New Book Photo Organizing Made Easy

Episode 078
New Book! Photo Organizing Made Easy

Looking for a book to help you on your photo organising journey?…We have authors Cathi Nelson and Jordan Babeon as our guests on the podcast today, talking about their updated book, Photo Organizing Made Easy!
Cathi and Jordan join us for an engaging conversation about how they worked together on the newest edition of the book, and how they are from two different generations, but still share the same passion for photos.
This is a fun, engaging (and we believe insightful) episode and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Also, if you stick around until the end of the podcast you will hear both Cathi and Jordan’s top tips to help you with your own photo projects…gems not to be missed!
Here is a link to the book Photo Organizing Made Easy.
Here are some details about our wonderful guests Cathi and Jordan.
Cathi Nelson is a baby boomer whose passion for photos and stories developed from a career in teaching photo organizing and scrapbooking. Cathi is the leader of a global photo organizing movement. A cutting-edge entrepreneur and speaker, in 2009 she founded The Photo Managers, the leading organization and certification program in the photo management industry. She’s been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Real Simple Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal about how to organize and preserve the legacy of your family heritage through photos.
Connect with Cathi
Facebook: @thephotomanagers
Instagram: @thephotomanagersofficial
Jordan Babeon is a tech entrepreneur born in software consulting. She founded her company, SurroundUs Services, in 2018 after struggling to find help organizing her digital photos following the birth of her twins (now seven years old). She passionately believes that working Moms need more help, specifically when it comes to their growing digital lives. While all the new apps are great, knowing which to choose and getting set up correctly with all of the legacy data is hard. Jordan believes that working parents need support when it comes to managing, protecting and organizing their data.
Connect with Jordan
Facebook: @surroundusservices
Instagram: @surroundus_services
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