Genealogy with Caroline Guntur

Episode 037
Exploring Genealogy - with guest Caroline Guntur

What is genealogy? Where do I start when embarking on my own genealogy project? How can my photos play a part of my genealogy project? Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they call upon an expert in this area, Caroline Guntur from The Swedish Organizer, to discuss this valuable topic.
In this Episode we talk with Caroline and delve into the world of genealogy, with a specific focus on photos (of course)! Caroline’s journey into genealogy started as a teenager with a school project on Family History and the discovery of a steam boat ticket stub, from her great grandparents, when they immigrated back from America to Sweden. She was hooked.
We talk about:
  • How to get started on your own genealogy project
  • How to stay focussed and not get distracted
  • Which program (or not) to use to track your project
  • How to share your project with family members
Top Tips from Caroline:
  • Start small and keep your focus on one thing.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Start with what you know. . . Yourself!
  • Keep asking one question at a time.
  • Open a document and start writing.
  • Write like a newspaper reported.
Links to learn more from Caroline Guntur at The Swedish Organizer:
Links discussed in this Episode (no Affiliations):
Adobe Lightroom
Family Tree Maker
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