How to keep your photos organised after baby arrives

Episode 107
How to keep your photos organised after baby arrives



Are you expecting a baby? Then this episode is totally for you! Even if you have already welcomed your baby recently, we encourage to join us, we’re sure there is a tip or two for everyone with children.

When a new baby comes into our life, many things change and sometimes routines and habits simply fly out the window and life can get a bit chaotic. Before we know it, photo chaos has taken over and we are drowning in cute baby photos.

Listen in to hear some tips about how you can stay on top of things when it comes to your photo management. One key is preparation. Now is not the time to work through your backlog of thousands of photos. However, if you can, make sure that your backlog is backed up so it will be there once you are ready to curate that collection.

Nothing stops you from implementing a system if you haven’t got one yet. Regularly transfer your photos to your photo hub and back it up using the 3-2-1 method (more about that in our 5 Golden Rules episodes). Hone your skills before baby arrives and it will be so much easier for you.

This great new iPhone app to help clean up your camera roll is Ollie*. You can get it at a discounted rate using this link* and the code DIYPHOTO20.

Also a great place to start is to take one of Miss Freddy’s courses, especially the Backup Bootcamp* or check out the many courses over at The Photo Managers Academy* to find a suitable course.

Finally, we’ like to encourage you to be mindful about privacy when sharing photos. Refer to Episode 099 to learn more about this topic. You even might want to have a chat with relatives about it, too, so that nobody shares photos of your children if you’re not comfortable with it. 

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