The Apple Ecosystem

Episode 096
The Apple Ecosystem - with Paul Einarsen

If you are using an iPhone and a Mac, photo management can be really easy by using what you already have: your Apple Photos Library!

We have invited expert Paul Einarsen to learn more about Apple Photos Libraries and the often mentioned Apple Ecosystem.

Some topics we chat about:

  • What is the Apple ecosystem?
  • What do you need to use it?
  • Sharing and synchronising your photos with the family – find out more about the new feature of a shared library and why it is important to have a family photo curator!
  • How a shared photos library could be used in a business environment, too.
  • How backing up works and how it depends on your settings within your ecosystem (downloading originals or using an optimized storage option).
  • Legacy collections and where we’re going from here to curate our photo collections.

Links mentioned in this episode:

App to automate photo imports: Hazel

Find Paul at or email at We highly recommend signing up for his weekly 5-minute-tip-newsletter here!

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