The Magic of Maintenance

Episode 063
The Magic of Maintenance

Have you ever heard someone say this…
  • “I just spent hours cleaning my house. How do I keep it looking like this?”
  • “I worked hard to lose weight. How do I keep it off?”
  • “I just organised my kids clothes. How do I keep them organised?”
Well, when it comes to photos, it is no different. We have heard many people say,
“I spent hours organising all my photos.
How do I keep all the new photos organised?”
Our magical answer is Maintenance!
In this episode we discuss the importance of maintenance when it comes to your photo hub, but we don’t stop there! We also discuss what to do to keep your beautifully organised photo hub exactly that…Organised!
Join us and learn how to keep your precious photo hub organised, week after week and year after year!
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