Convert Old Media with Adam Pratt

Episode 042
What format is that? Converting Old Media to Digital - with Adam Pratt

Can I convert all of my old videos, slides, negatives and old photos to a current format I can view? Can I convert old media to digital myself? Why should I upgrade my old videos and photos to a current digital format? Join Fiona Staff, Chantal Imbach and special guest Adam Pratt, from Chaos to Memories, as they answer these questions, and more.
Adam Pratt has over 25 years of experience in converting old film and video formats to a digital format. Adam openly shares his valuable experiences and knowledge to help you consider all of your options when it comes to converting old media to digital.
Adam thinks about “old media” as anything you can;
  • See – photographic prints, negatives, slides
  • Watch – video, film
  • Hear – anything audible
Thank you for joining us as we explore this relevant and important topic. We know this is a very common area people need to think about, when embarking on a project to organise and manage their own photo collection.
Links discussed in this episode:
We are proud affiliates of Adam Pratt’s DIY courses, which you can find here.
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