Expert Advice to help people who hoard photos

Episode 086
Expert Advice to help people who hoard photos - with guests Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes

Decluttering and organising photos is hard. It can be a very overwhelming and time-consuming task and, naturally, photos belong to the very personal and sentimental belongings. Imagine how much harder it must be for a person who hoards.
Unfortunately, there is quite a high part of our population with hoarding disorders, around 5%! However, there is help and we have the pleasure to learn from today’s podcast guests: Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes from Hoarding Home Solutions, who are internationally recognised experts in their field.
They generously share how friends and family members of people with a hoarding disorder or chronic disorganisation can help and what should be avoided.
Some of the tips are:
  • Leading with compassion and being patient.
  • Being aware that organising is not a linear process.
  • There needs to be a readiness for change, which can come and go.
  • Understanding that – especially for elderly loved ones – photos can be a catalyst to tell their story and that it can help them make sense of their life and their legacy.
  • Knowing that searching for the perfect solution can be paralysing.
They also share some practical strategies on how we can help a loved one. We believe these strategies work for anybody, not just for people who hoard.
You can find more information on Wendy’s and Angela’s website over at: There are some free resources for you to download, lots of blog posts to learn from and a directory ‘Find a Provider’ in which you can find a local, trained expert if you’d like further help. You can of course also sign up for one of their courses and dive deeper that way.
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