Android and Google Photos with Haleh Shoa

Episode 021
Manage your photos using your Android Phone and Google Photos - with guest Haleh Shoa

Is it possible to organise your photos just using your Android Phone? How can I use my Android Phone to manage my photos? How does Google Photos work? Join Fiona Staff, Chantal Imbach and Haleh Shoa as they answer these questions and explain how you can use your Android Phone to manage all your photos.
In this episode we are thrilled to introduce our first guest, Haleh Shoa from Picturli in the US. We decided to call upon another Professional Photo Organiser to walk you through your photos on an Android phone. Haleh has a wealth of knowledge in managing photos and opens the door to the discussion about managing photos on your phone and connecting everything up with Google Photos.
Please head over to Haleh’s website to learn more about Haleh and her services in helping others “Picture Life Curated”.
Enjoy your organised photos!
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