What to do with slides

Episode 076
What to do with slides

Do you have any slides in your photo collection? Chances are either you, or your parents, or your grandparents do. These are some of the formats you might have seen;
  • 120
  • 35mm
  • 35mm Super
  • 35mm half-frame
  • 126
  • 127
  • 110
  • Subminiature
  • Stereo Realist
  • View-Master Reel
….there are so many! The first slides came on the market in 1901, and there are still some formats in use today!
A listener asked us what options are there when it comes to digitising slides. This wasn’t the first time we were asked this question, so, we thought we’d record an episode on the topic to help others that may have some slides in their photo collection too!
Dust off those slide cartridges and bring some of these treasures back to life!
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