Is using only a folder structure outdated?

Episode 102
Is using only a folder structure outdated?

The short answer is: No, it seems it is not outdated!

Findings from a recent survey we conducted amongst our listeners showed that using a simple folder structure as opposed to a photo management program is not as out of fashion as we might have thought.

Listen in to find out

  • where people store their digital photos,
  • how they structure their folders of their photo collection and
  • which programs they use to manage them.

We also respond to some comments and questions such as what to do when running out of storage space on your computer, or if you’d rather not use the cloud and many more.

We were especially pleased to hear from multiple listeners that they have put the 3-2-1 backup system in place – bravo! If you haven’t got a system in place yet, check out our episode Episode 002 Golden Rule 1 – Backup.

Mentioned Links

Access a prepared folder structure and download for free here

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