A Conversation about Legacy, Photos and Life

Episode 109
A Conversation about Legacy, Photos and Life - with Nancy Rose

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We are honoured to have another wonderful guest with us: Nancy Rose from the Compass Rose Legacy Foundation. Nancy is a Legacy Doula and the Executive Director of Compass Rose Legacy Foundation. Her lens captures the profound beauty of human stories and the moments that define our legacies.

Join us to find out what we mean when we talk about a legacy, what it encompasses and how a possible outcome might look like.

Find out how Nancy helps people to capture the essence of their life and to find the soul thread, as she calls it. She shares touching and some personal stories that you will hopefully find as inspiring as we do.

You will be astonished to hear that she has brought her personal legacy down to 5 – yes, that’s five!!! – pictures and stories to capture the core of her life story.

Nancy also shares some practical tips and tools she uses to capture stories and much more.

Again, please watch it here (and subscribe to the channel, we might add more videos in the future) and share with anybody who might be interested – thanks!


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