Looking back and forward - celebrating 100 episodes

Episode 100
Looking back and forward - celebrating 100 episodes


We can’t believe we’re up to episode 100! It has been an amazing journey and we are so excited to keep going and more motivated than ever. This is also thanks to you, dear listener! Without you, what would be the point?! We’re passionate as ever sharing what we know about photo management with the wider community.

Not only this, our podcast has also become a platform for colleagues and other experts whom we have invited to talk about topics that they know so well and that are relevant for any photo lover. By the way, if there is a topic or a question we haven’t talked about yet or answered, don’t forget to let us know via the Wishlist for Future Episodes.

Join us today as we discuss what has changed over the years and where we’re at in our businesses. We also share our favourite moments of our podcasting journey and much more.

The podcast wouldn’t be what it is without our guests – a big shoutout to them. As a little thank you we are sharing the links to their episodes again here. Please don’t be shy and get in touch with them if you have a question for them or would like to work with them.

Episode 021 Managing your photos using Android Phone and Google Photos with Haleh Shoa – Picturli

Episode 022 Handling Photos through a Separation with Darla DeMorrow – HeartWork Organising

Episode 029 A Look into the World of Photo Organising with Cathi Nelson – The Photo Managers

Episode 034 Storytelling with Your Photos with Mara Morrison – The Filing Fairies

Episode 035 Introducing you to the world of Digital Scrapbooking with Melissa Shanhun – Digital Scrapbooking HQ

Episode 037 Exploring Genealogy with Caroline Guntur – The Swedish Organizer

Episode 038 Learn how to take photos you will want to keep! with Lauren Sandford – The Eternal Second

Episode 041 Managing your photos and videos using FOREVER with Shelley Murray – Photo Organising Services

Episode 042 What format is that? Converting Old Media to Digital with Adam Pratt – Chaos to Memories

Episode 043 When and Why hire a Professional Photographer with Lauren Sandford – The Eternal Second

Episode 048 Reflections on Photo Loss through a Natural Disaster with Karen Ostenried – The Matanya Effect

Episode 057 Story Jotting with Katie Chambers- Memories to Legacy

Episode 067 DIY Photo Organising Courses with Miss Freddy, Adam Pratt and Caroline Guntur

Episode 075 A listener’s photo journey – with Lisa Johnston – listener

Episode 078 New Book! Photo Organizing Made Easy with Cathi Nelson and Jordan Babeon – The Photo Managers

Episode 083 What to look out for when using traditional photo albums with Vee Lawrey – Coral Coast Photo Life

Episode 086 Expert advice to help people who hoard photos with Angela Esnouf and Wendy Hanes – Hoarding Home Solutions

Episode 088 Expert tips on photo archiving with Kate Jacus – The Photo Curator

Episode 090 How to share your family photos using SmugMug with Kaydin Carlsen – SmugMug

Episode 092 Declutter Your Photo Life with Adam Pratt – Chaos to Memories

Episode 094 What’s A Photo Without Story with Hazel Thornton – Organized for Life and Beyond

Episode 096 The Apple Ecosystem with Paul Einarsen – Blue Water Imaging

Episode 098 A new perspective on Photo Organising – with Amy Revell

Episode 099 Privacy Terms when sharing Photos with Allison Freedman – Arrange Wander Focus



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