Photo traditions to document growth and change

Episode 069
Photo traditions to document growth and change

We both love a good before and after photo, you know, the inspirational home decluttering photos, phenomenal body transformation photos, or magazine worthy home renovation photos (Fiona is a big Chip and Joanna fan!).
Well today’s episode is about transformations of a different kind.
Today we talk about photos that document growth and change in a truly memorable way, with the most precious of topics…our loved ones!
We want to inspire you to start now, no matter what age you or your loved ones are.
Have a listen to today’s episode to hear about photo traditions and why we believe they are so important. We also give you lots of ideas to start your own photo traditions to document growth and change in your loved ones.
Here is a link to one we talked about in our episode today:
Also, we invite you to have a look through our DIY Photo Organising Courses so you can decide which of these courses might be what you need to help you move forward with your photo organising projects.
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