Swedish Death Cleaning and Photos

Episode 103
Swedish Death Cleaning and Photos - with Caroline Guntur

We are thrilled to have Caroline Guntur from The Swedish Organizer back as our special guest! Today, we are talking about the approach author Margareta Magnusson describes in her book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

Caroline has recently written a blog post that drew our attention: Respectfully, This is the ONE Thing Swedish Death Cleaning Gets Completely Wrong. We could really relate to what she has written and wanted to hear and learn more about her take on The Swedish Death Cleaning approach.

Whilst we of course talk about photos and memories, Caroline also gives us an overview and explanation where The Swedish Death Cleaning comes from and how ingrained it is in her culture. How it’s about downsizing, minimising our footprint, consuming only what we need and pay it forward to others if we have too much.

It is a long-term approach and philosophy rather than a once-off big decluttering and organising project. This episode is definitely one not to be missed!

Having said this, there is (as always) no wrong or right. However, approaching this method in a different order of operation – as Caroline suggests – makes sense to us and you also might be interested to learn more about it and to give it a go.

If you do need help for your photo management, we encourage you to check out Caroline’s courses*. They are very thorough and well structured and come highly recommended.

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