Golden Rule 4 - Sort and Organise Printed Photos

Episode 006
Golden Rule 4 Sort and Organise - Part 2 - Printed Photos

Learn how to sort and organise your printed photo collection. Join Fiona Staff and Chantal Imbach as they answer this and other important questions.
In this episode we cover your printed photos, both loose, and those in albums. The best backup of your printed photos is to scan them. We cover some options for you to start to look into scanning your photos. We review our Golden Rule No. 2 Know Your Why as it relates specifically to your printed photos. Once you are clear about the outcome of your project, it is time to prepare your work environment and start sorting and decluttering your printed photos. We share some personal stories and tips about how not to get stuck in reminiscing and other dos and don’ts.
Suggested list of materials to have on hand:
  • rubbish bags
  • zip lock bags / empty boxes / containers to put in your sorted photos
  • sticky notes
  • index cards
  • photo safe pencil (see link below)
  • cotton gloves
  • face mask if you deal with mouldy photos
Archival photo storage boxes:
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